Q: What is Alginate?

A: Alginate is a moulding material widely used by dentists for mouth and teeth impressions and by special effects companies for taking face and other body part moulds to create prosthetics. Alginate is made from seaweed and is by definition non-allergic as it has to be used safely in patient's mouths of all ages. Alginate is also used in food manufacturing. To learn more about Alginate click here.

Q: What is the best age to have my babies feet cast?

A: Any age you choose, I am happy to cast new born babies feet right up to when they are 15 months at the prices shown. Older toddlers up to the age of 24 months incur an additional £20 per set of feet ordered to cover extra material costs. I am also happy to cast older children's feet but this would be classed as a special commission and I would need to quote for each individual clients needs. Generally babies up to 6 months seem to be easier to cast as they are not quite so aware as an older toddler.

Q: Is the process messy?

A: Not really, once dry Alginate can be brushed off surfaces and swept up. I bring plastic with me to cover the floor and your lap and contain the drips to a minimum. Your babies foot will come away from the mould clean and any drips onto clothes will come out in the wash.


Q: How is my babies foot removed from the mould?

A: The Alginate is still very soft once hardened so with a little wiggle your babies foot is easily freed.

Q: How do I pay?

A: I currently accept cheque, cash, bank transfer and most credit and debit cards. Gift vouchers can be purchased online with a Credit or Debit card.

Q. Can I have duplicates made?

A: Yes but these need to be ordered at the same time of the originals as I need to make an additional mould from silicone to create any additional sets you require.