First Shoe Casts

We have all kept our children's first pairs of shoes, a reminder of their first steps taken in the world. But the majority of them are stashed away in a box somewhere and have been forgotten about. Let Mads & Moodle use the shoes to create a unique and beautiful piece of artwork. Have them cast in Bronze, Copper, Silver or Gold (Brass), creating a keepsake you will treasure forever and that will always remind you of those first tiny steps.

The shoes can be cast in Bronze, Copper, Silver (Aluminium) or Gold (Brass) and then either freestanding or mounted on a solid oak base finished with a personalised engraving of your choice. Not only are these wonderful keepsakes for parents they also would make a wonderful gift for grandparents or your child on a commemorative birthday perhaps an 18th or 21st reminding them they are always your treasured little one even though they are all grown up.

How it works?

Firstly I need to check that the shoes you would like cast are suitable for this service, as this process works for most, but not all shoe designs, specifically something like a sandal would not be able to be cast in this way because of all the gaps. I would ask that you email me a few photos of the shoes so I can check they are suitable before anything is posted to us.
If the shoes are able to be cast I will send you out a box to post the shoes back to me in plus a form to fill out with all your details, metal choice and engraving options. I will also ask for a 50% deposit, your payment which can either be done by credit or debit card, bank transfer or cheque.

Once I receive the shoes the moulding and casting process will begin. In order to keep the shape of the shoe whilst moulding a plaster filler is poured into the shoes. It is for this reason we make sure you are aware that the shoes may be damaged in the moulding process. The shoes are then moulded in a rubber silicone and cold cast in the metal of your choice at the moment we offer Bronze, Copper, Silver (Aluminium) or Gold (Brass). Once out of the mould the shoes are buffed, polished and finished before mounting on a solid oak base or leaving them as a freestanding piece.  The brass plaque with your personalised engraving is then mounted to the base as the final touch of your unique artwork.
This process can usually be completed within 8 weeks. If you need them sooner please let me know and I will endeavour to meet any deadline you may have. Once complete the casts are delivered to you gift boxed by special delivery.

If you are interested in this service please contact Jen at Mads & Moodle on the email address or use the contact us page.


Pair of Shoes - £295                                      Single Shoe - £210